Social Security Disability

Daytona Beach Social Security Disability Lawyers

Helpful Advice Regarding Social Security Disability Claims

Federal law provides financial assistance for individuals who are unable to work due to long-term injury or disability. Under the Social Security Disability program, those who are unable to work are granted financial assistance to pay for housing costs, food, clothing and other necessities. Unfortunately, the SSD system can be difficult to traverse, and many claims for assistance are initially denied.

At Politis & Matovina, Attorneys at Law, we understand the frustration and confusion surrounding the SSD claims and appeals processes. We also understand how vital SSD benefits can be to your family’s well-being. With your well-being always in mind, we work to offer the helpful advice you need to understand the SSD claims filing process, and your options for appealing a previously denied claim.

Informative Guidance During SSD Claims and Appeals

A large percentage of SSD claims are initially denied due to lack of information, incorrectly filed applications and other factors that can be corrected. Our Daytona Beach Social Security Disability attorneys work to provide every client with the information and advice they need to understand the claims and appeals processes. We also offer assistance in the proper completion of an initial claim or an appeal, all in an effort to help you improve your chances of obtaining the SSD benefits you deserve.

By helping you understand the SSD process and your options for pursuing benefits, we hope to alleviate some of your stress and help you to focus on your physical well-being, rather than frustrating financial concerns.

To learn more about the SSD claims and appeals processes during a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact us online or call 386-767-0911 today. We offer advice in a number of languages, including Spanish, French, Greek, Russian and English, allowing us to assist clients from a number of backgrounds.

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