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Traumatic brain injuries are most commonly caused by a sudden physical force or blow to the head and occur most often when momentum of the brain causes it to impact the skull. These excessive forces cause tearing or bruising of the brain and can lead to life-altering injury to the victims. Unfortunately, brain and head injuries are common occurrences in many types of accidents, including automobile crashes, slip and fall accidents and pedestrian accidents. According to the CDC, there were over 800 Traumatic Brain Injury Emergency Room visits, hospitalizations or deaths in 2010 in the United States.

If you or a loved one have sustained a brain or head injury as the result of another party’s negligent or careless actions, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and extended care. At Politis & Matovina, Attorneys at Law, we leverage nearly 40 years of combined experience to offer advice to brain and head injury victims in Central Florida and throughout the United States.

In our years of practice, we have helped many clients obtain compensation for brain and head injuries sustained in a wide range of accident types, including:

Our Daytona Beach brain and head injury lawyers work diligently to help you understand your rights for seeking compensation for your losses, and handle every aspect of the compensation recovery process, including gathering evidence, obtaining witness testimony and settlement negotiation. Should a settlement prove impossible or against your best interests, we are prepared to take your case to court to pursue a favorable judgment.

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Regardless of the cause of your injuries, our staff works diligently to provide the personalized and aggressive service you need to pursue compensation as quickly and painlessly as possible. At every step in your case we work to help you understand your rights and your options, and offer advice on what you may be able to expect going forward. Our compassionate approach with our clients is designed to put you at ease, and allow you to focus on your physical well-being without legal distractions. To further reduce your worry during your legal proceedings, we offer our services on a contingent fee basis only, meaning that you pay no legal fees unless we are successful in helping you obtain compensation.

Dealing with insurance companies is a different story, however. In some cases, insurance companies refuse to admit their clients’ responsibility or to provide compensation. In these situations, our attorneys will be as aggressive as it takes to help you obtain compensation for your losses – we’ve earned a strong reputation for never backing down from an insurance company. Whether we can convince the insurance company to offer a settlement that covers your losses, or need to take your case to court, we will not rest until you have found justice for your injuries.

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