Fatal Valentine’s Day Crash Kills Teenager

Tragically another teen driver has died on a Florida highway in a motor vehicle crash.  The crash, according to state troopers, occurred  Valentine’s Day on County Road 484, just west of Marion Boulevard.  According to witnesses of the accident, the driver, 16-year-old Brandon Garner, was not only speeding, but weaving in and out of traffic as well when he lost control, ran off the road and slammed into a tree.  Another automobile was also involved in the accident, but fortunately the driver sustained only minor injuries. 

In the United States, vehicular crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths, with an average of 6,000 teens dying and another 300,000 being injured in this country each year. Teens  across this nation are involved in 15 % of all motor vehicle crashes, but in Florida they are involved in 22 % of all motor vehicle crashes.  Florida has three of the deadliest metro areas in the nation for teen drivers. These areas are Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville.

Research has shown  teenaged drivers’ lack of experience, their tendency to speed, drive distracted –text, cell phone use – and lack of seat belt use, all lead to these deadly crashes.

The State of Florida attempts to prevent teen drivers’ injury and death in motor vehicle crashes by enacting Graduated Drivers License laws.  These laws limit a teen driver’s high risk driving situations as well as requiring supervised driving until a teen has had the opportunity to demonstrate responsible driving habits.  Once they have done so, they will then be able to “graduate” to a less restrictive license.

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