Staffing Agency Accused of Violating New PIP Law

A staffing agency in Florida is accused of attempting to subvert the new personal injury protection bill.

Florida’s legislature has been greatly concerned about the amount of insurance fraud in the state. Under the current law, any time a driver gets into an auto accident, insurance companies must pay medical expenses regardless of fault. The result has been a surge of fraudulent claims, particularly from chiropractors, to insurance companies. Florida insurance rates are accordingly extremely high.

To combat this problem, the Florida legislature passed a revised law in the hopes of reducing fraud. The law has not yet gone in to effect, however, as it is awaiting a signature from the Governor.

A Tampa staffing agency just sent out fliers to chiropractors advocating the placement of doctors in chiropractic offices to help identify “emergencies” and accordingly allow the offices to continue collecting insurance monies.

The flier, read, “Chiropractors. Don’t miss out on your $7,500. We Have The Medical Doctors You Need.”

The advertisement has spurred outrage from many in the legislature.

Representative Jim Boyd said, “the governor hasn’t even signed the bill yet and some firm is sending this thing around? It’s very brazen and I think action will be taken if someone is trying to do something that is not acceptable.”

Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty reported, “it is disheartening to learn that unscrupulous actors are already developing methods to circumvent this good law before it has even been presented to the governor.”

The Department of Health and the Division of Insurance Fraud said that they would look into the matter.

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